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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to manifest Christ’s love by empowering all to compassionate service.

Our Core Values

Inspirational Worship that connects us and sends us forth.

Intellectual Engagement that enriches our faith journey through theological exploration.

Compassionate Outreach that is extended to meet critical needs.

Authentic Hospitality that nurtures and celebrates diversity.

Faith-Filled Fellowship that binds us together for spiritual enrichment

Our Vision

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has been part of the life and landscape of downtown Owensboro for over 150 years. We were born amidst the early rumblings of the American Civil War and grew up alongside the city to which we are integrally connected. As we cross the threshold into the latter half of our second century of ministry, we believe we are stepping into a promising future hand-in-hand with our neighbors and our community.

Our life together is centered on inspirational worship that connects us to one another and God and sends us forth to engage in acts of compassion, reconciliation, and justice. We strive to create vital and diverse worship experiences that awaken people of all ages to the transforming presence of God.

We believe that the spiritual life and the life of the mind must be encouraged to mature together. Our commitment to intellectual engagement enriches our faith journey and is expressed through our growing variety of opportunities for theological exploration in every stage of life.

Because we worship a God of boundless generosity, we aspire to become a more generous people, increasing our commitment of time, talent, and monetary resources to interests beyond our own. Compassionate outreach extended to meet critical needs is not just something we do; it is who we are.

Disciples of Christ are often called “people of the table” because celebrating the Lord’s Supper lies at the heart of our worship. We claim Christ’s open table as a distinctive expression of the hospitality of God that compels us to nurture and celebrate diversity. We are committed to strengthening our witness of authentic hospitality by creating a welcoming environment for all and a clear pathway into the life of our community.

In the midst of a fragmented world, we pursue the alternative way of faith-filled fellowship that binds us together for spiritual enrichment. This pursuit leads us to nurture and encourage intentional, life-giving relationships that strengthen us for the life of faith.

As we continue to grow into our core values of inspirational worship, intellectual engagement, compassionate outreach, authentic hospitality, and faith-filled fellowship, we will become better equipped for the common mission to which we believe God is calling First Christian Church: to manifest Christ’s love by empowering all to compassionate service.