From the Preacherman….

In an interview in 1954 Robert Frost was asked, “What do you think is

the most important thing you’ve learned about life?” The great poet answered,

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on. In all

the confusions of today, with all our troubles . . . with politicians and people

slinging the word fear around, all of us become discouraged . . . tempted to say

this is the end, the finish. But life — it goes on. It always has. It always will.

Don’t forget that.” That part about troubles could have been said today, this

morning even. I wonder though, do we really know that life goes on, pandemic

or not?

It does here. Some of you know that we recently hired Leigh Anne

Castlen to direct our Education program here at church. That program covers a

lot, so her background as a student at Western Kentucky University (BS) and

teacher at Owensboro Middle School has prepared her well. Please keep her in

your prayers and be prepared to say yes when she asks for your participation in

a ministry in our church. Life goes on in the teaching ministry here.

Each Sunday you see Mike Tichenor and Ann Jeannette Pierce leading and

performing music in worship, but have you thought how much preparation it

takes for that to happen? They plan weeks and months in advance for a single

worship service, practicing and rehearsing, organizing and developing ideas.

Their gifts are rare, and they share them with us. Thank them for that. Life goes

on with music.

In the oddness of the last few months I hope you have noticed the

distinctive importance of others on your church staff. Kristin Callis does her job

as Financial Secretary with quiet, consistent excellence. Not every church has

that. Pam Woodward’s purposeful ministry in Pastoral Care is a gift to this

church. She knows when to speak and when to listen, a gift not shared by all.

And if you need to know something, anything at all, about this church, who do

you call? Anne Carlisle, of course. She is the nerve center of our congregation.

Do you know that? Life goes on in ministry here in all of its forms.

I hope you know, not every church is blessed with as many gifted people

sharing the joyful burdens of ministry. Each person brings gifts and effort to

their work. It is my profound pleasure to get to minister with them. Thank them

for what they do. It matters that you care. Life goes on.

Peace…. Chris