From the Preacherman….

As I write this our country prepares for a transition of power. A new

president will be inaugurated on January 20 and a different administration

will take charge. For some of us this change in leadership heralds

something positive, for others something negative. As a pastor for nearly

three decades I have seen administrations come and go, for good and for

ill. How shall we live with one another in the days to come?

First, can we please tone down the language and rhetoric we use?

Hyperbole is a dead-end street. The language people are using for the

election is often apocalyptic, announcing the end of the world! Nope. We

need to get over our breathless, straining need for the next crucial event to

pop up on our cell phones and instead listen more carefully to the people

around us.

On that note, how about this? Turn off your television, computer,

social media, etc., and talk to someone different than you. Locked away and

can’t do that? Well, my phone works. Call or email me at church. I’ll talk.

I’m sure we can find something to disagree on agreeably. And that’s the

point, right? Jacob wrestled with God on the banks of the Jabbok River

because the truth of God is in the wrestling, the give and take, the struggle

and the effort and finally, the refusal to let go until we have been blessed.

Here is what I know: I refuse to let go of the people I love in my church,

especially those who have radically different ideas, views, beliefs and

politics. There is blessing in the struggles we have with each other. Do not

let go until you know that.

And where did I learn that? Well, in church of course. I learned it in

the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with people who have disagreed

with me over a hundred different things but agree with me in Jesus Christ.

How shall we be one? I don’t fully know, but for a few weeks I am going to

preach about some of the things I find essential and important as a

Disciples of Christ pastor. What matters? The Table, the Bible, our faith in

Christ, our unity with God and neighbor and this wondrous creation all

around us. You know, small things. 😁

Not really. These are big things, huge and essential and profoundly

important. Let us wrestle with God in the midst of these trying times until

the blessings come.