From the Preacherman…. 

Out of tragedy was born something new, and good. It is the essence of

the gospel, Jesus walking faithfully into death with merely a promise from

God that there was hope beyond the grave. Our church has lived that story,

too, losing everything in the fire that engulfed our building eight years ago.

Beyond that tomb of ashes, however, was born this place of worship and

service that so many of us find essential to our life of faith in this world.

The Legacy Fund was born from the desolation of that fire. Combining

money already on hand with insurance money received after the fire, The

Legacy Fund was founded with a simple vision: to love our neighbors in this

community and beyond. Our church received tremendous love and support

after the fire, prompting our members to ask, “How can we be church for

this community?” The Legacy Fund was one answer.

Over the last four years, The Legacy Fund has given over $153,000

to 104 individuals, organizations, churches and ministries. Discussions are

ongoing about how to allocate another $50k for pandemic relief. We have

helped city and county schools, Habitat for Humanity, Goodfellows, the

Community Dental Clinic, Boy Scouts, the Farmers Market, CareNet, the

Neblett Center, St. Benedicts Shelter and the Help Office, just to name a

few. The efforts to help are widespread and all-encompassing and make me

thankful to be the pastor of a church that found a way to help from its

heartbreak. It is the best we can do.

The endowment of the fund is currently a little over $1.4 million. The

money is invested with the Christian Church Foundation of the Christian

Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis, Indiana. That current

endowment is made up of gifts and growth. We hope that fifty years from

now, when many of us are long gone, we will still be extending our reach

from beyond the grave to help and bring hope, to be good neighbors.

I know. I get it. That is a pile of money for one church to have. Isn’t

that dangerous? A threat to our faith? Well, of course it is! And we know it.

But we take seriously the burden of faith laid upon us. We aren’t hiding

from it, but instead asking people near and far to help us to help others.

Leave something to the fund in your will. Continue helping even after you

are gone. Contact us in the church office if you are interested. You will be

glad you did.