Our food pantry is two fold in that we provide an emergency bag of food to those who walk in to the church needing food and twice a month (the first and third Thursdays)  food is delivered to 12 refugee families.

The emergency food pantry can help a family once a month with one bag of food.   Each bag contains peanut butter, canned vegetables, mac n cheese, tuna, Vienna sausage, and Ramen noodles.  If you are able to donate food for the pantry, we appreciate all donations.   If you donate items, please bring them by the office.  Besides donating food, another volunteer opportunity is filling bags to be given out.

Volunteers are always appreciated in helping with the Refugee pantry.  Volunteer opportunities include helping package the food for delivery, purchasing food items, and delivering food baskets on the first and/or third Thursdays.  Contact the office (270-684-8879) if you are interested in helping.